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Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dating experience with fully vetted Xclusive gentlemen! Be it a cocktail night, or a fancy dinner – they know your time isn’t free and will compensate you for it.


Whether you meet him in person, through social media, or on Xclusive – only connect through your personalized X-code.

Who you meet

Sophisticated, cultured and exclusive gentlemen. Experience only the finest things, exciting adventures, and excellent people.

Where you meet

You decide. Fancy a cocktail gala? Or a hearty meal at a restaurant? You set your availability and your time’s worth. Ready to go? Wait for an Uber to chauffeur you.


Xclusive gentlemen, a beautiful evening, and a splash of sophistication, elegance, and luxury. All while being paid for your time.

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1. Your Profile

Your profile

Highlight your interests and select your Xclusive level.

Your schedule

Set your availability around your lifestyle.
2. Your Schedule
3. Your Rates

Your Rates

Know your time’s worth. Whether it’s $50/hr or up to $2000/hr.

Your life

Turn on the discrete mode and protect your personal life.
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Premium Reservations

Xclusive ladies don’t wait in line. All the reservations will be taken care of as the date is booked.

VIP Transportations

Ditching your wheels for the night? Your preferred rideshare app will be linked and your chauffeur will be pre-booked.


Worried if you’ll be stood up? Well, his loss! If he doesn’t appear without canceling, you still get paid.*

Our promise


Xclusive’s ID verification and pre-vetting makes the Catfish *poof* and disappear! Know who you’re seeing and where you’re going.

Done for the night? You have a ride back that you control and can adjust on the fly.

Met someone outside Xclusive? Our organic vetting makes you the only one to decide if they can be Xclusive gentlemen and if they get your X-code.


Worried about getting bombarded with social media messages? Our no social media integration policy allows you to keep your personal life, you guessed it, absolutely personal! It will only be shared if you decide to share the links.

Our discrete mode gives you the power to be whoever you want to be – only Xclusive has your identity. Your profile is invisible unless you share your personal X-code.


What’s a key is also a lock! Shared your X-code to someone who’s not as Xclusive as you thought? You get to control who has access and who’s locked out. Is someone being a total d***? Report and block with the touch of a button.

Date as little or as much as you want. Take it slow or step hard on the gas – you control your pace. There are no demands or expectations. #YouDoYou.

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Fancy having the liberty of being whoever you want to be?

With Xclusive Premium, you can turn on the discrete mode and protect the integrity of your identity.

Be Amy today and Sheila tomorrow – you choose your on-screen persona. Your real identity is safe with Xclusive.