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Los Angeles - The City of Angels

Los Angeles offers a myriad of dating options and endless possibilities. With the infinite choices at your disposal, it can be quite natural to feel stuck. Struggling to decide where you want to go and what you’re going to do? Look no further. At Xclusive, we take pride in not only redefining dating but also in streamlining it. Whether you’re looking for something simple and romantic or something fancy and flamboyant, we have put together a list of some amazing date ideas in Los Angeles. With so much to do out there, why not rediscover the city together?


A vibrant, epic and hippest community, Downtown LA is one of the most star-studded neighborhoods in the entire country. You’ll find all kinds of people from all walks of life and cuisines that represent almost every resident of the city. From high-end boutique shops to strip malls, from a myriad of local flavors to trendy celebrity-filled restaurants, It has everything to offer you a marvelous day and sensational night. Downtown LA is so much more than the cold concrete skyscrapers, freeways, and sculptures. This star-studded city on the coast is friendly, diverse, historic and beautiful, and it’s where the diverging interests converge so effortlessly.


Ahh, what can we say? Perching perfectly in the coastline of Pacific Ocean’s magnificence, Santa Monica offers you a shot of everything. Not only is SaMo home to tens of beaches and sun-filled neighborhoods, it also offers a medley of people from everywhere. From the rush of tourists to the local surf-dudes, from the start-up tech-sceners to yoga fanatics, from music maestros to studio execs, you’ll see scores of crowds from all walks of life. Head over to the Santa Monica Pier, hop on the Ferris wheel ride and take in some of the best views of the coastline. Walk along the streets lined up with swaying palm trees and take in the laid-back vibe. Head over to the boardwalk and capture the sunset. Or take a stroll down Main Street and decide what feast suits your fancy.


Didn’t expect Koreatown on the list? It’s one of the places that many don’t make plans to visit – but it’s their loss! Koreatown is unique and has a treasure full of sensational cuisines, amazing nightlife, and unparalleled culture. With an endless maze of strip malls, restaurants and markets, it can make you feel a little overwhelmed in trying to penetrate this part of the city. But any lover of scrumptious Korean barbeque and horde of other cuisines will fall in love with this deliciously foreign city within the city! There are dive bars and karaoke clubs. There is a nightlife that is unlike anywhere else. There are mysteries and hidden delights tucked throughout. And there is fun, glam, and everything in between!


Los Angeles may seem like a shiny land of endless beautiful people (and summers) with restaurants full of celebrities. But iconic Venice embodies (and is there to remind you of) the city’s eccentric, lively, and free-spirited vibe. Venice is far more than just the wildly famous Venice Beach – it offers a kind of beauty, energy, and vivacity that only Venice can offer. At the Venice Beach Boardwalk, you’ll be sure to find some great music, art, and food. Venice Beach itself offers the magnificent sweep of beautiful sandy beach. And at the Venice Canal Walk, you will stroll over the serenity of waterways looking at some truly stunning homes. Afterall, it was named after the famous Italian city for one heck of a reason!

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