Is this a dating service?

No, Xclusive is a dating platform where you can streamline and accelerate the dating process while monetizing it. It does not try to arrange dates or match you with other users.

Is this an escort service?

No, Xclusive is not an escort service. While it allows the ladies to decide what their limits are, Xclusive Ladies are in full control of their dating terms while monetizing the dating experience.

Can anyone sign up?

Currently, we are testing Beta of Xclusive, and taking applications from only a select number of females to join the Xclusive platform and set up their accounts.

How much is each date?

Prices are determined and fully controlled by Xclusive Ladies. While Xclusive does have suggested prices for dates, ladies decide what their time is worth, and are able to modify it as they see fit.

Can Xclusive Ladies reject dates?

Absolutely. Xclusive ladies are allowed to accept or reject any proposed dates. However, once the date is set and there is an accepted transaction, your absence will be recorded as a no-show and you will not be paid.

How do I protect myself on Xclusive?

Your real identity is fully protected with Xclusive and you can remain as anonymous as you’d like to be. Xclusive also partners with Uber to ensure your ride is ready for you both ways, and you can adjust it on the fly. Additionally, we also offer educational materials on our Xclusive Blog.

How do I block users?

Simply visit the profile of the user you would like to block and select the ‘Block’ option. This will make both parties invisible to one another.

Can I change my X-code?

Yes. Simply click here to contact our support team.

What do I do if I see someone using my photo?

Masquerading as another user is prohibited at Xclusive. If you see someone pretending to be you, or using your photo in a way you don’t appreciate, contact our Moderating Staff at support@xclusive.vip. You may also go to your In-App Settings > Report a Problem > then follow instructions. Remember to add as much information as you can: reason to report, their display name, their age, location, etc. Having more information will help Xclusive to process your report quicker.

Can I pay for my date via check or money order?

No. All Xclusive dates are paid via credit or debit card prior to the date and all payments will be retained in escrow by Xclusive until the date is concluded.

Can I pay without using my personal credit card?

All payments for Xclusive dates are accepted via major credit and debit cards only. A business debit or credit card can also be used but we can only accept validated forms of payment.

How do I retrieve my password?

Proceed to the Login screen and click on ‘Forgot Password’. Follow the instructions to receive a temporary link in your email to reset your password.

I’m planning on meeting someone - What should I prepare?

  1. Make sure you dress appropriately for your date depending on the location you have chosen.
  2. Confirm your drop-off and pick-up location for your Uber.
  3. Take your cell phone with you so you can check-in at the date and modify your return time for Uber, if necessary.
  4. Make sure you promptly check-in via in-app options when you arrive and have met your date so your transaction can be completed.
  5. Lastly, remain aware and vigilant, and read our Xclusive Blog to learn more about dating safely.

Will Xclusive show up on my credit card?

Xclusive will not show up on your credit card statement as Xclusive. Instead, it will show up as a charge or payment from Spread Inc.

Why was my photo removed?

We like to keep the Xclusive experience enjoyable for everyone. If one of your photos has been deleted, it may have violated our terms or guidelines. If you would like to contest it, you can email us at support@xclusive.vip.

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