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Atlanta - Hollywood of the South

Dating in Atlanta is unlike anywhere else and it can be mysterious. Whether you are a local busy professional or an out-of-towner, navigating the city’s dating scene, and its best dating spots, can be confusing. Struggling to decide where you want to go and what you’re going to do? Look no further. At Xclusive, we take pride in not only redefining dating but also in streamlining it. Whether you’re looking for something simple and romantic or something fancy and flamboyant, we have put together a list of some amazing date ideas in Atlanta. With so much to do out there, why not rediscover the city together?


Downtown Atlanta is a lively, eclectic central city with one of the most sociable, pleasant and friendly downtown atmospheres. Most major and sought-after attractions are in a close proximity of one another, which makes it that much easier to explore. Not only does this cosmopolitan southern city flaunt some of the top dining options in the Southeast but also has an abundant nightlife scene. Home to a range of bars, nightclubs, dance floors and restaurants, it can effortlessly cater to a diverse crowd looking for fun, entertainment, and romance. Whether you want to get glammed up for the cocktail night or to dance the night away, you won’t struggle to find good spots for any type of social evening.


One of the most affluent and finest parts at Atlanta, Buckhead is also one of the most alluring and gorgeous. Located in a close proximity to the Downtown Atlanta, Buckhead offers a myriad of great spots for all occasions. Not only does it please the tourists with great shopping, parks, museums (and convenience), but it also has plentiful options for the locals and out-of-towners looking for a fine social evening. Quintessentially urban, Buckhead boasts some sophisticated nightspots as well as numerous bars and amphitheaters. Despite the high-rise and mid-rise concretes that continue to crop up, Buckhead still manages to offer that pretty small town charm and ambiance


Perched just a little north of Downtown Atlanta, Midtown is the city’s one of its most pedestrian communities. Bustling with art and energy, Midtown has an amazing fusion of businesses, shopping, restaurants, and residences. Not only does it boast a world-class shopping and high-end boutiques, but also bars and restaurants that are refreshingly unique and local. You will see people walking to and from restaurants and cafes, walking their pets, jogging, or simply taking a nice evening stroll. Then at dusk, it cranks up the volume with its lounges, bars, and clubs, and doesn’t settle down until the break of dawn. What’s not to love about Midtown?


Westside is a unique, dynamic, and lively area where art and design meets shopping, dining, and modern luxury. It begins about one mile from the Centennial Olympic Park and there’s no absolute clarity as to how far the “Westside” hipness can be extended to. Though, the general consensus is anywhere west/southwest of Georgia Tech and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Regardless of its broadness, not only will you find every element of a large city here, but you’ll also (ironically) find a nice escape from tourists and traffic in this part of the city. In this city of historic significance and artsy vibe, there are also several amazing culinary and entertainment options that will far surpass your excitement and anticipation.

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